How to drive traffic to your motorsports website

Lets face it, we all want more traffic to our website. I’m making a strong effort this year to deliver more valuable content on motorsports that my readers will find interesting. To do that though a strong SEO plan needs to be delivered.

Here are a 3 SEO tips to drive more traffic to your website.

1. Install a good SEO plug-in3.

The best free SEO solution is WordPress SEO by Yoast, which makes it easy as red light, yellow light, green light. Make sure to keep in mind that just installing the plugin isn’t that helpful in and of itself – but many bloggers stop at this first step. Its real power lies in understanding how to use it correctly and choosing the right keywords.

Or you can outsource to a reliable SEO Bristol, to bring in good results.


2. Do keyword research.

Head over to the Google Keyword Popularity Tool and invest some time in keyword research to better understand which keywords drive the most traffic. The trick with keywords is to never assume you know which ones are best; ALWAYS do research to ensure you are using popular keywords that best suit your product, service and/or blog topic.

If you use localized keywords for your SEO efforts – such as “az life coach” or “life coach in phoenix” instead of just “life coach,” you are much more likely to rank well – with the added benefit of landing more targeted readers. This is especially important if you are a local business.

I recommend creating a free account on AdWords (or log-in to your account, if you already have one), then search for the keywords you think are most likely to be searched. Adding your city and state will give you local search results to review, plus some great ideas for blog posts that fit what people are looking for. Using the keywords you entered, Google will bring up a list of other relevant keywords that were actually searched for in the previous month. I prefer to export them to Excel, get rid of unnecessary columns, rank them from most to least popular, then save the document for easy reference later.

3. Choose one keyword, then include it in your post permalink, title, and first sentence.

Make sure you have WordPress set to name the page URL as your post name (which can be changed in settings> permalinks> post name), this will automatically put the keyword in your post URL – also called the permalink. This is an essential component for SEO success.

Then, simply use the default text for the “SEO title” field at the bottom of the page (which is your title plus the name of your blog), and copy the first sentence of the post into the “Meta Description” field. If good writing dictates NOT using the keyword in the first sentence (which happens often but is not optimal), then paste in the first blog sentence that DOES have the keyword in it, or write one that uses the keyword and describes the post in a way that people will want to read it. Put the keyword in the “Meta Keywords” field, then you are all done.



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Simple Financial Guide on Buying Your Ride

motorsport bike

To some of us, motorsport bikes are more of a passion than a mean of transportation. But let’s imagine this scenario: your salary is good. You buy food, you pay your rent, make a small investment, etc. But you don’t have the fiscal space that can enable you to put aside some more money to buy your two-wheeled dream. So, what should you do?

Well, first of all, you obviously must decide which bike you want to buy, see its different prices, and do a little research on it. Then the financial part will always depend on the nature of your situation. If you’re well-off, then you do not need much planning (although you still must plan every financial decision), but if you’re not, then you need to plan carefully, and I would recommend not doing it alone. I like leaving important things to the professionals, so I believe you should always consult a financial company like IFA Calne because you could be making financial mistakes without even realizing it. And we all agree that this situation can sometimes be a nightmare. Avoid the enormous burden of being in debt by simply asking a professional.



The simplest method on how to finance anything -not just bikes- is that you must carefully examine the things that you spend the most of your income on. For example, let’s say you spend much money on trips, vacations, and stuff like that. Do you really need all of that? If your answer is no, then you can start reducing those expenses to be able to save more.


financing motorsport bike
Ducati Moto Bike Yellow Salo Motocycle Garda

This very simple method can be applied to everything you buy in your life. If you want to save money, you should always buy what you need and not a thing more. This creates a positive gap between your income and your expenses. The bigger that gap is, the more money you can save to buy your bike.

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